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Wheelie Bin Washers

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine 2014

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machines

Introducing trailer mounted and static wheelie bin cleaners

Trailer mounted and static wheelie bin cleaners are robust and efficient with all models fitted with automated bin lift and water recycling as standard.

Drawing of a Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine

Wheelie bin cleaners are available in varying models, from 2200 to 3000psi. Custom-built skid mounted unit can be used on an existing trailer or vehicle, and the static model is designed to be fixed at one location or bin wash depot.

Practical and easy to use, the wheelie bin cleaners are finished in quality materials with both trailer and fixed versions utilising a moulded poly tank, baffled for rigidity and safety, plus stainless steel pre-filters and a self contained water recycle facility.

Easy to use

Simply locate the wheelie bin onto the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine, press one button and the bin is lifted. Cleaning is effortless and the bin can be cleaned in seconds. The system simply drains the bin into a catchment tray at the same time it is being washed and water is filtered and ready to re-use throughout the day.

Extra revenue stream

When attached to the mains water supply the trailer systems can also be used as pressure washers for cleaning drives, paving and decking, providing extra revenue. Trailer mounted machines are portable ensuring your vehicle isn't dedicated to this system and is available for other duties.

Static and skid versions of the wheelie bin cleaners are adaptable to suit the operator.

Vehicle requirements

A vehicle capable of towing 800Kg (when full), with a standard 50mm ball hitch and 2 electric trailer sockets (one for the trailer lights and one for the power) is all you need.

The trailer and skid models have their own battery to start the engine and work the bin lift. This is topped up by the Honda engine and charged by the vehicle from the socket. If no socket is available (for example when using a temporary vehicle) then the machine can run up to one week off the battery. The fixed machine uses an electrically operated 110v motor and low voltage controls for safety.

Engine driven models have a standard petrol tank, and the this can last up to one week, if cleaning up to 100 bins per day.

Overview of Bin Wash Range

Wheelie bin cleaner models fitted with water recycle capability, stainless steel pre-filters, baffled poly tanks and a 'one-switch' bin mechanism; mounted on heavy duty galvanised frames.

The Custom unit (trailer mounted machine) can be supplied with an alternative lighting circuit, charger and tow hitch to USA specs.

The trailer mounted wheelie bin cleaner models are also available with an optional diverter valve and 'WashPack' which enables the operator to use the machine as a mobile pressure washer (connected to the mains water supply) ideal for patio washing, drive way cleaning, or graffiti removal etc. The wash pack includes a 20m high pressure hose and wash lance.

The Custom wheelie bin cleaner model is also available with a TurboPower nozzle for added power, the rotating nozzle can reduce the time it takes to clean domestic bins.


Floor mounted or fixed frame | Automated bin lift | Water recycling | EA guidelines conformity | Robust, efficient and easy-to-use | Demonstrations | Superb earnings potential | Lease options with deposit

Enviromec trailer mounted or fixed bin wash and lift

Wheelie bin cleaner specifications

More important features

There are numerous devices on the market ranging from 'homemade' wash trays to pick up mounted bin washers, some involve dragging a wheelie bin inside a van and then manually lifting it up and placing it onto a wash tray 150 times a day. This is both tiring and time consuming - a process that is eliminated using a trailer mounted battery operated lifting device.

Three easy steps to start a bin cleaning business using the a bin cleaning machine;

Supporting Documents

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