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Water Reclaim Systems for Water Recycling

A water reclamation unit is usually a combined reclaim system for use with commercial or forecourt brush and jet wash machines. A water reclaim unit can also be used with:

Technical Data

A water reclaim unit normally comprises of tanks constructed from stainless steel and anchored upon a common base plate. A unit uses either hydrocyclone solids separation, electroflocculation, activated carbon filtration or spotless rinse. Manufactured from stainless steel grade 304D, units are available enclosed for protection from frost.

System Advantages and Operation

Incorporated in a single stainless steel module a water reclamation system combines the benefits of a full/partial reclaim with an above ground three stage interceptor.

The resulting water from vehicle cleaning is collected in either a sump or via a pump out of the silt trap. That water is pumped to stage one with three stages of settlement. Later the water is hydrocycloned removing smaller solids. At this point the water is partially ready for recycling. If a full water reclamation is required then the water is electroflocculated, to break down wax and other similar products.

At the last stage the water is filtered through activated carbon to remove residual organics. Once this stage is completed the recycle is complete and the water is pumped back into the system for re-use.

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