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Water Containment System: WashBoom

Contain operating water or manage spills with WashBoom

WashBoom is a simple solution to pollution legislation by managing spills or temporary wash down and pressure washing applications. Quite simply the boom is a flexible tube with a specially shaped cross section that is placed on to the hard surface in a circular or retaining 'c' shaped form. The boom is then connected via a hose to a vacuum unit and this seals the boom to the hard surface. The contained water is then diverted through port openings in the boom and conveyed to the vacuum's container.

Image of a vacu-boom

New applications are being discovered every day for the WashBoom, though most applications include any washing operation, vehicle cleaning, effluent capture or flood water containment, and in shipping, boats and aircraft locations. Typically the boom can be used by cleaning contractors or the end user at such locations.

WashBoom is easily assembled and lightweight, stored in smaller sections. Ideally the boom is used in conjunction with a pump out vacuum that collects the water. The **pump out vacuum** then automatically discharges the captured liquids to the appropriate storage or drainage areas.

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