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Wash Pads For Water Capture

Stopping the polluting of surface and ground waters

It is an offence for anyone to cause or knowingly permit: the entry into surface waters or ground water of solid waste matter, or of poisonous, noxious or polluting matter, or the discharge of trade and sewage effluent into surface waters or ground water without prior consent from the Environmental Regulator.

Mobile Wash Pads Semi-permanent Wash Pads Permanent Wash Pads

Cleaning, degreasing and de-waxing of vehicles and plants should only be carried out in a defined wash bay. Carrying out these operations directly on the ground allows the illegal discharge of effluent to contaminate surface water drains, watercourses and soakaways. A wash bay should have a raised edge (kerb) to isolate the waste and be manufactured using material that is impermeable. The effluent can be directed to a foul sewer or a sealed pump. Installing a water recycling could reduce water usage and consequently costs.

Wash pads do away with the necessity to install a concrete wash pad which are more expensive and not always possible if the land is other than freehold.

Choices of wash pads to suit your situation

Mobile Wash Pads: temporary and multiple washing sites.

Semi-permanent Wash Pads: up to 2 to 3 years.

Permanent Wash Pads: long term applications - harsh environments.

Water Treatment and Water Reclaim

The following options are then available:

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