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Vapour Steam Cleaners

You may be searching for high pressure industrial hot washers which are sometimes knows as steam cleaners. High pressure hot water washers are normally for the external cleaning of plant, vehicles and equipment.

Light Commercial Vapour Steam Cleaners

Commercial Vapour Steam Cleaners

Industrial Vapour Steam Cleaners

Vapour Steam Cleaners for Professional Users

Consumer Vapour Steam Cleaners

Vapour Steam Cleaning

Vapour steaming dirt, grease and bacteria

Vapour steam cleaners have internal tanks ranging from Two Litre capacity up to Twenty Litre capacity. Ordinary water from the tap is used to make steam ranging from 4 bar on light commercial cleaners up to 10 bar pressure on the more heavy duty models. Depending on the model the team vapour temperatures range from 140° to 185° Celsius. Manufactured from stainless steel, the steam boiler is explosion proof and the built in safety devices provide steam pressure at both constant and variable rates.

A vapour steam cleaner hygienically cleans a surface by scalding it with over-saturated steam. This high temperature method sterilises the surface, making it safe for use once more. Steam cleaners are used for cleaning and sterilising floors and tiles, catering equipment and kitchens including fridges and freezers and engineering applications and there are few restrictions on how a steam cleaner can be utilised. The conventional 'detergent and water' or chemical method of cleaning can lead to a false sense of security as bacteria will exist in places that are 'smaller than the eye can see'.

Steam cleaning will disinfect any surface by disintegrating and melting any oils and grease. The precipitate can be wiped away manually with clean wipes or removed with an integral vacuum cleaner. This method of cleaning is far better for the environment where a whopping 90% reduction on disinfectant and a 70% reduction in detergent can be expected. Waste water is also significantly reduced, as only 2.5L of water is used hourly. Of course, using no chemicals, disinfectants and detergents tremendously reduces the amount of pollutants that have to be responsibly disposed... saving up to 30% of that all important asset, time.

Applications for Vapour Steam Cleaners

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