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Under Chassis Wash Jet

UK designed & manufactured, Enviromec's Under Chassis Wash Equipment is an automatic, programmable, cost effective and efficient method of safely removing corrosive salts, oils and dirt.

Under Chassis Wash Equipment is the safest environment in which to clean the underneath of HGVs and PSVs.

An Under Chassis Wash is an automatic, programmable, cost-effective and efficient method of safely removing corrosive salts, oils and dirt.

Illustration of an under-chassis wash system

Under Chassis Wash Features:

Under Chassis Wash System Control Panel

Equipment Operation.

Improved Efficiency.

Under chassis wash in use

Simple Installation

Pump Module 45ltrs/min

Choice of two pump modules

Pump Module 90ltrs/min

By-laws Compliance, Water Boost Set.

A 227 litre plastic tank incorporates the required air gap between the stored water level and the town water supply, the water inlet float valves and the overflow in accordance with the water by-laws compliance boost set.

To feed the high pressure triplex Cat pump, there is a centrifugal boost pump that is connected to the storage tank, this ensures optimum flow and pressure both for the maximum reliability and performance.

A float valve controls the water level in the storage tank, the storage tank houses a low level float switch when, if the water level falls isolates all supply to the pumps to prevent damage. The storage tank and all pipe work associated with it is protected against frost.

Application of the detergent.

The Under Chassis Wash Equipment offers two different applications, either a foam application used to soak prior to a high pressure wash or, a detergent injection that is carried out during the wash.

Remote Cable Winding Drum.

Where the Under Chassis Wash Equipment is mounted over a pit, or where it is impractical to locate the pump and drive units in the same area.

Hot Water Module

The 3 pass heat exchanger provides either 45 or 90 ltrs/min at 70°C and is either oil or gas fired, this unit fits within the housing in a lightweight fibre glass cover. The heat exchanger is fitted with either Selectors or Nu-Way burners.
Note. The customer must supply and install all exhaust gas flue ducting.

Automatic Frost Protection.

The frost protection system prevents use of the equipment until the frost stat has been reset, this prevents damage to the pump(s). The frost stat can be set to a pre-determined setting, if the stat cuts in, an electric valve is opened that clears the high pressure hoses of water using compressed air, preventing them from freezing.

Hand Lance System

For occasional manual cleaning, the hand lance is used, high pressure water from the pump is diverted for its use.

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