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Static High Pressure Washers

Features of Fixed Washing Plant

A static high pressure washer is contained within a lockable steel housing and a permanently connected to mains power and water. The washer is also directly connected to a self bunded fuel tank. The controls for water temperature, water flow, water pressure and detergent quantity are all contained within the unit. The pressure washer cabinet is situated within the designated building with a remote switch fitted allowing the operator to switch on. The unit automatically switches off. A predetermined quantity of detergent is added simply by changing the wash lance. There is no need for the operator to attempt any alterations to the settings, or to need to fill the machine with detergent or fuel.

Ask about our ATEX Approved Models for Zone 1, Zone 2 & Zone 22


The benefits are a 'trouble-free' system of wash down facilities without the operator having any access to supplies or settings. Breakdowns caused by operator abuse are eliminated which in turn reduces downtime and inconvenience. The washer is secure in a locked cabinet, attached to the floor minimising the problems of vandalism, theft and weathering.

Enviromec is happy to provide free advice or a site survey. We can advise on position and design of the equipment. Provide an all inclusive quotation from design to installation. Organise U.K. delivery, installation, commissioning, training and arrange warranty, servicing and maintenance schedules.


A fixed/static pressure washer can cost in the region of an similar standard mobile machine. Static pressure washers are also available on contract hire.

Basic Static Models

All static pressure washers are built to specification with hot water, sturdy and secure steel housings with auto or manual stop. Further Fixed Plant options are available.

Static Pressure Model No. Standard Pressure Voltage
1500H - 1500HA - 1500SSH* - 1500SSHA* 1500 psi 240/110
2200H - 2200HA - 2200SS/H* - 2200SS/HA* 2200 psi 415
2500H - 2500HA - 2500SS/H* - 2500SS/HA* 2500 psi 415
3000H - 3000HA - 3000SS/H* - 3000SS/HA* 3000 psi 415
*Two year warranty on stainless steel models

Fixed Plant options

Also available are 'Special Builds' for:

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