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Semi Permanent Wash Pads for Water Capture

This water tight semi-permanent wash pad has been developed for situations when mobile wash pads are not at their most effective. The semi-permanent wash pad is semi-portable and easy to install within hours of delivery, replacing a traditional but costly concrete wash pad.

Average installations are for a two to three year period of use and the wash pad can be folded for transportation. All water is captured via a 100mm drain and then delivered to foul or pumped to a water reclamation system.

The wash pad can be manufactured to meet your specifications in terms of dimensions, colour and design and the wash pad is supplied with a drain to one end of the pad as standard or can be supplied as a complete water tight retainer.


Using the Semi-Permanent Wash Pad

Semi-Permanent Wash Pad for Water Containment

After delivery (Enviromec can arrange delivery to your premises) roll out the mat and use the fast-fix bolts to adhere the wash pad to the floor.

If you intend to use a drain and pump the floor will require a 100mm channel in the surface. This will cause little disturbance and once complete you'll have a fully fitted wash pad at a fraction of the cost and time.

Enviromec can source, design and manufacture to any practical size using various colours.

The 3 metre wide floor is generally suitable for commercial vehicles and cars however HGVs are more suitable to a 4.5 metre width floor.

The floor will not be damaged by the weight of the vehicle it is designed for. This product has been well tested over the years and a demonstrator is available at our premises for your inspection.

As well as the standard PVC coated polyester fabric (3063kg /sqm) we can make semi permanent wash pads in other coated materials, anti static coatings, high resistance coatings for excessive chemicals and various foil coatings.

Water Tightness Quality Control

Both easy to use and innovative the mobile wash pad is not just 'simply made'... Every mobile floor has to be fully tested and we give a guarantee of water tightness. All the welded joints and connections are inspected and vacuum tested during a rigorous quality procedure. Each mobile floor can be identified by its unique registration number printed on the side. This ensures that all products and materials used during manufacture are identifiable.

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