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Screen Wash Systems

Protects adjacent areas and contains 80% water for recycling

Screen wash systems are designed to protect the adjacent environment to the washing area from water or detergent and to control the debris from the vehicle or item being cleaned. Using these screens also allows around 80% of water to be contained for recycling.

Designed to work in conjunction around any other wash system a screen wash systems can also be designed to be a stand alone wash bay. Manufactured from galvanized box profile section and double sided plastic coated box profile sheeting the screens are built to our clients' specification. Generally however, a typical size would be approximately 4 metres high and 20 metres in length.

Features and Technical Information

The screen wash is semi-automatic when used in conjunction with a high or medium pressure system. One operator can utilise all of the features without the necessity of entering the plant room, switching the unit on or the need for trailing cables and hoses. The flow, detergent and pressure controls are all preset and the unit is auto stop start. A screen wash system can be used with a gantry wash system. A system can be fully installed and, with local water authority approval, can be fitted over a separator to foul drainage.

A screen wash system is protected with pressure and/or flow switches. The hot water units include a failsafe photocell and all units are bespoke and/or customised.

Screen Wash System Options

A screen wash system can be made to any practical size and dimension to fit most vehicle sizes. Systems are also available as a portable unit with no requirement for any civil works. Other options include twin lances, coin or token operation, frost protection, hose reels, foam kit etc. Water reclaim systems can be used with this system.

If you have any ideas, we are happy to exchange ideas and advice with end users, design engineers, consulting engineers and civil engineers on any future projects.

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