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Inflatable Mobile Wash Pads

Liquid Tight Mobile Floors

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When a business produces wastewater it has to be contained. An expensive permanent fixture is certainly one method of collecting waste water from the washing process however this is not always a realistic option if the land is leased or rented for example.

An inflatable, mobile wash pad with raised edges is an economical alternative.

The mobile wash pad is easy to set up and remove, providing you with great flexibility. The wash pad takes just seconds to inflate and will operate as a liquid tight floor, a water capture system as well as a vehicle washing pad. A drain can be installed in the corners or you can use it as a water tight retainer. Mobile wash pads can be designed to meet your dimensional, material and colour requirements.


Using the Mobile Wash Pad

After rolling it out, the mobile floor is simply inflated using the blower supplied. The inflated raised edges of the mobile floor bend and return to an upright position as a vehicle is driven onto the wash pad.

The 3 metre wide floor is generally suitable for commercial vehicles and cars however HGVs are more suitable to a 4.5 metre width floor. The floor has been designed to take the weight of vehicles and will not get damaged. This product has been well tested and a demonstrator is available at our premises for your inspection. Enviromec can source mobile wash pads in practically any size and dimension.

The mobile wash pad is manufactured in PVC coated polyester fabric (900grammes per sq metre) as standard but can be manufactured in other coated materials, anti static coatings, high resistance coatings for excessive chemicals and various foil coatings.

Water Tightness Quality Control

Every mobile floor has to be fully tested and giveS a guarantee of water tightness. All the welded joints and connections are inspected and vacuum tested during a rigorous quality procedure. Each mobile floor can be identified by its unique registration number printed on the side. This ensures that all products and materials used during manufacture are identifiable.

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