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LPG High Pressure Hot Water Washers

Auto Applications Engine Cleaning Machinery and Mechanical Parts Matting And Floors Trucks and Autos Stepvans and Vans Flooring

Are you perhaps seeking vapour steam cleaners for the hygienic steam cleaning of floors, walls, catering equipment, kitchens. Vapor steam cleaners tend to be used on the inside of buildings.

Propane Fired High Pressure Steam Cleaners

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

High pressure hot water washers uses ordinary water supplied via a hose which is then pressurized and heated by LPG (Propane) to steam clean autos, dumpsters, trash cans, machinery, mechanical parts and other many and varied tasks.

Clean With Steam Not Chemicals For A Safer Environment

Automotive Industry Cleaning

The automotive industry will have many successful cleaning uses for LPG high pressure hot water washers while cutting your chemical cleaners bill greatly. Steam cleaning substantially reduces the time spent in cleaning also. Engines, engines bays and hard to reach areas under the hood are no problem as is detailing an auto thoroughly. Body work and glass are cleaned with no unsightly smears or streaks.

Trash Can, Dumpster, Vessels And Containers

The need to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses has never been greater especially in trash cans, dumpsters and other containers where they harbor and thrive. Steam cleaning these containers creates sanitary working conditions, helping your staff continue to keep the high cleanliness standards demanded by you without the need to turn to harsh and irritating cleaning chemicals. The removal of the spills, stains and grease that can build up around these containers are swiftly removed with the continued use of LPG high pressure hot water washers.

Hygienic Cleaning Of Food Containers

Hygiene awareness around food is of paramount importance and the economical steam cleaning of food containers is beneficial to the business owner, staff and customers. Hygiene and cleaning maintenance is made easy by steam cleaning providing sanitary working conditions at all times. Working areas are easily kept free of grease, spills and stains.

Machinery Cleaning

Cleaning mechanical parts such as motors and armatures, hydraulic assemblies and all the other, too many to mention, items can be major chores. Cleaning these units are lengthy tasks using harsh chemicals. Changing to steam cleaning will save time, labor costs and substantially reduce your chemical cleaning bill.

Floor Cleaning

Remove the inevitable build up of wax, grease and oil from floors economically by steam cleaning. Superior results are obtained virtually effortlessly and no use of chemicals by the steam cleaning of floors.

Chewing Gum Removal

The removal of discarded chewing gum is a major headache for the maintenance teams of public places. Movie theaters, libraries, shopping malls, parking lots are just a few of the areas that suffer with this problem. Steam cleaning provides a speedy and hygienic method of gum removal especially on those previously hard to clean surfaces such as concrete flooring. These areas can now be sanitised safely and quickly.

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