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Drive Through Lorry Wash

AKA Gantry Wash System

Cleaning irregular shaped and sized vehicles can be a problem that is overcome by using a gantry wash system. Using hot or cold water with fully installed pipe work around the system the gantry provides access to both high or irregular shaped vehicles. This type of system is ideal for use by transport and waste management companies or for the cleaning of plant.

A drive through lorry wash is semi-automatic operation where one operator can utilise all of the features without the necessity of entering the plant room, switching the unit on or the need for trailing cables and hoses. The operator gains access to high sided vehicles from an upper level of the walkway and plugs into a conveniently placed point to access the required pressure.

Housed in a separate building is the pump unit, fuel and detergent. A lorry wash itself can be housed in a screen wash system to protect the neighbouring environment.

Features, Technical Information and Options

The flow, detergent and pressure controls are all preset and the unit is auto stop start, fully installed and, with local water authority approval, can be fitted over a separator to foul drainage.

All units are bespoke to fit your individual needs and requirements. The whole of the drive through washing system is fully protected with pressure and (or) flow switches and the hot water units include a fail-safe photocell.

Drive through lorry wash systems can be designed and constructed to any feasible dimensions fitting most sizes of vehicles and plant equipment. It is also obtainable as a moveable unit without the need for any civil works. Further options are twin lances, frost protection, token or coin operation, hose reels and foam kits. A water reclaim system can be used with this system.

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