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Heavy Duty Vehicle Weighbridges

Incredibly strong and corrosion resistant

Heavy duty vehicle weighbridge

We can source a heavy-duty weighbridge design that incorporates a pre-cast concrete deck that will never corrode. Fibres have been added to the high-strength concrete ensuring resistance to chemicals, wear and tear and road salts resulting in a maintenance free weighbridge that is one of the strongest weighbridges currently available.

Supplied in two forms; single deck cast or kit form

The heavy duty weighbridge is available in two forms;

A concrete deck is cast as one-piece deck. The load cell assess is to the side and there are no bolts or deck plates to remove. The weighbridge is placed onto a foundation that needs no restraint systems in place because impact protection is built into the design.

The kit form includes everything needed for casting on site; steelwork, ancillaries and a pre-calibrated system allowing the purchaser to build the weighbridge and cast the high strength deck in situ.

The weighbridge in kit form has a shipping weight of approximately four tonnes which may be containerised or loaded with other freight items. Without a doubt this weighbridge has to be the most cost-effective available today.

Easy to follow instructions accompany the kit-form weighbridge. The only thing needed to be sourced at site is concrete mixed to the necessary specifications. A civil works builder familiar with concrete works should have everything ready in one/two days.

Standard 3 metre width

Standard lengths: 6 metres | 8 metres | 15 metres | 18 metres

We design bespoke sizes. 30 tonnes to 100 tonnes capacity.

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