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Grey Water Filters

Grey Water Filtration

Filtration of grey water

Water that includes grey water from wash basins, washing machines or showers can contain a variety of contaminants. We provide advice for the filtration of particles that include soaps, shampoos or cosmetics from bathing water, cleaning agents, and detergents from kitchen waste that will also contain grease and oil.

Boats and water going vessels

In order to save space, and the need to carry waste water, Enviromec are able to offer consultancy for galley waste that will likely contain chemicals including such as ammonia, phosphates, nitrates & sodium.

Car washing, vehicle wash and wash bays

We also provide guidance for the filtration of vehicle wash water to remove detergents, shampoos and other contaminants from car washing water. It is unlawful to carry out car washing activities without a suitable mains foul drain, however Enviromec have been able to design systems for car wash manufacturers that remove oils and detergents from the wash water so that outflow can often be discharged to a surface drain.

Refuse and waste containers

Refuse and waste containers, bins or 'wheelie bins' contain bacteria and other harmful substances that when washed can release bacteria into the aerosol of water, or bacteria is suspended in the wash water or within the holding tanks. We design and provide filtration for the waste industry to reduce bacteria.

Design and Provision

We would design and specify the required specification and either provide the spec for a manufacturer to build with, or we'd act as an agent to supply the installer with the required info, parts and components to manufacture a suitable washing re-use or recycling system where we treat waste water. Please contact us for the best way to proceed depending on your requirements.

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