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About Enviromec

Based in the East Midlands we are well placed on the UK road networks to offer support and guidance to clients.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we recognised the need for a consultancy service for those clients needing more than just a supplier or a specification.

We are the nominated subcontractor to several product suppliers, and we assist many of their clients who have existing installations or those who are working through the process of accreditation or a Local Water Authority application for discharge consent.

We also act independently for those clients receiving enforcement notices and sanctions (including prosecution) or options to respond to an offence.

Enviromec specialise in water capture, interceptors and wash bays, offering advice to clients - especially when they are in the process of compliance for a consent to discharge or ISO 14000 accreditation for example.

We also offer consulting to find the best method, system or specification for the provision of unique cleaning systems and we operate across the United Kingdom and overseas. We can organise the design, build and installation of custom-made vehicle washing systems, weighbridge and wheel wash systems or train and carriage wash machines to fit your unique and special requirements.

How much do we charge?

Generally when we operate in the UK we can do so within a 1.5 hour driving radius on a fixed fee basis.

For UK customers outside of a 1.5 hour radius we would estimate costs based on the project type, time, mileage, and any other factors.

We also provide a desk-to-desk service where outline information for more straight forward applications and this can also be on a fixed fee basis.

Outside of the UK we would need to look at each individual case in order to estimate costs.

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